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With Hitler in the West Heinrich Hoffmann


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In May 1940, the German Army swept over Europe, unleashing a campaign of battles of annihilation on a hitherto unheralded scale. France was quickly overcome and Holland, along with Belgium, fell in a matter of days. At the head of this vast operation was the Führer with his Supreme Command, and on hand to document the highlights of their inimitable campaign was Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s close friend and official photographer.

This is an invaluable photographic record of the events of Spring 1940, originally published as Mit Hitler im Westen, which was regarded as Heinrich Hoffman’s finest work. The striking images displayed within provide both an intimate view inside the life of the Führer and present a glimpse into one of history’s swiftest  campaigns.  An important historic work, With Hitler in the West provides a fascinating insight into the events of 1940 that shook the world.

thid id an Enghlish language translation of the Third Reich Original.
“Hoffmann was a great photographer and his images of Hitler’s tour of the French battlefield of both world wars, in effect a pilgrimage; and his stage-managed entry into Paris are genuinely superb.”—War History Online

“Certainly a fascinating collection of pictures to see . . . A book intended to display the power and prowess of the German armed forces of the day.”—Military Modelling


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