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Welcome to the Third-Reich-Posters website where you will find an unrivalled selection of hard to find items.

The name is historical and goes back to when we solely sold posters relating to the Third Reich Era.

We have since developed way beyond this due to the expectations, needs and requests from our varied and worldwide customer base. The price of original period pieces is prohibitively expensive and the requirements for careful storage of them often mean they are unable to be displayed and that is where we are able to help with faithful reproductions or period pieces.

Our customer base includes, museums, military establishments, veterans, T.V prop departments, university libraries and private collectors who are looking for some extra context to add to their collection.

Our wide range of translated books gives the reader an insight into how and why the Third Reich was established and why things happened as they did.

Why do we sell Third Reich related items ? Well one major factor is that their is less competition. As sites such as Amazon and E Bay have banned such items from sale it has not lessened the demand for them and indeed it can be said by banning them they have made them more desirable and have created a larger cross section of interest in this specialist niche in the marketplace. The inability to purchase on these platforms has meant that people and institutions now come to us for these items. None of these items are intended, and nor do, they incite any form  of "hate" , "intolerance" or "violence". They are meant for academic and historical  study and if abused then that is due to the interpretation of the individual not the contents of the book. If you want to blame books and ban them from sale  then you had better start by banning the Tora, Koran and Bible all of whom have passages which could be said to incite hatred, misogyny, or intolerance in one form or another.

We do offer for sale a selection of Allied posters but as these are readily available elsewhere we do not see much demand for them, but we do still offer them for sale in the interests of diversity of opinion and balance. We did however have to stop selling the Churchill busts as in 5 years we sold 1 compared to over 100 comparable sized busts of Adolf Hitler, we do not stock what people do not wish to purchase.

We advance no political agenda other than freedom of thought and expression. If you dislike what we sell then feel free to take your business and political ideology, whether Red or Brown, elsewhere.

The history of, and leading up to, WW2 is forever and can not be denied. It is not yours, or ours, to erase, rewrite, tear down or deny !

The society we have today is the child of the past and it is what it is so act accordingly.



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No single person better represents the face of the Holocaust than Anne Frank.  As a 13-year-old Jewish girl living in wartime Amsterdam, she hid out with seven other Jews for over two years.  During this time, she kept a diary of her thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  Eventually the Frank family was discovered and deported; Anne later died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen at the age of 15.  But her diary lives on.

Millions of people know of Anne’s story, but very few know of the many problems with it.  As it turns out, Anne’s tale is rife with absurdities, logical problems, inconsistencies, and incoherent claims.  Here, Japanese researcher Ikuo Suzuki deconstructs Anne’s famous dairy, exposing the many issues lying just below the surface.  In the process, he unmasks the truth: that the notorious diary was likely written by a middle-aged Jewish man who worked in conjunction with Anne’s father, Otto, to foist upon the public a deceptive and highly misleading story of a young teenage girl who perished in a German camp.

Here, for the first time, Suzuki presents a thorough, detailed, and highly readable critique of the global bestseller that is Anne Frank’s Diary.  Far and away the best critical analysis of the famous diary, this book fills a badly need gap in revisionist literature.



   Basic Information about Anne’s Diary                 

   Anne’s Diary: Three Contentious Issues             

   The Translation of ‘Cat’ into ‘Tarantula’?           

   A “Hideout” in Full View?         

   Interviewing Otto        


   Anne’s Diary, Revised Critical Edition   

   Did Anne Really Edit Her Own Diary?   

   Complex and Bizarre! 

   More Anne Magic!      

   True Emotion!               

   The Surprising Origins of “Dear Kitty”  

   All the Diaries Written in One Go!

   Was Everything a Figment?     


   An Accidental Narrative Plot? 

   A Budding Lesbian       

   Urinating in Front of a Strange Man?

   Writing a Blue Story in the Presence of Seven People?


   The ‘Genius Writer’ Who Never Wrote Again   

   Anne’s Missing Letter from Auschwitz                

   The Absurdity of “The Beginning”

   The End of “Hideout”

   Did the Police Miss the Diary in Front of Them?              

   “Margot’s Diary,” and Other Missing Items       

   The Shocking Truth! Did Anne Give Up Her Diary?

   Why Did Anne Get a Gorgeous Book, But Not a Diary? 

   Who Wrote the ‘Handwriting of the Same Person’?      


   Did Otto Write the Diary?         

   The Untold Confusion. And a Writer.   

   A Passion Bordering on Madness          

   More Abysses: The Origin of a Legend                

Afterword: Annelies Next to You              

Postscript by Karl Haemers

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