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Tyr / Tiwaz Rune Pendant


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The arrowhead points the way and the warrior follows. It is the strength that gives the warrior his righteous courage, the knowing that what he is doing is just, right and correct.

The rune Tiwaz literally represents the God Tyr – the god of justice and law. This rune sends messages of strength that comes through proper and rational balance, and the good of the whole instead of the good of the one. It is honour, righteousness and correct action. It is warrior strength forging ahead calm, cool and collected – knowing that the path chosen is the right path of action. Like a spearhead, it leads the way. The one right way.

Tyr is a heroic god of war, and if a Norse warrior carved Tiwaz on his weapon it was believed that the weapon would be strengthened.

Also represented are the two ravens of Odin on the wings of the arrow head.


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