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Steel Boats, Iron Hearts . The Wartime saga of Hans Goebeler and the U-505. 1st edition





During WW2, this author completed every single war patrol aboard the German submarine U 505. Towards the end of the war it was the author himself – as a very junior crewman, who had the final task of trying to sink his U Boat after it had been forced to the surface by enemy fire. It was a gallant attempt that was thwarted only by an equally gallant American Navy which finally captured the submarine intact – complete with all its operational codes.

In 1954, Han Goebeler read an article which informed him his beloved U Boat was now part of an exhibition in Chicago and promptly moved with his wife to be near the machine that once meant so much to him. It wasn’t long before he would be found giving personal talks to visitors. Over the years he also brought former adversaries together in reunions.

This book is his story. From those early beginnings in the Kriegsmarine until his death in 1999, he recalls just about everything that ever happened to him. He was not a Nazi, nor was he a demon or monster – just an ordinary man who was called upon to serve his country and did what any of us would do – he served. It is a moving story in which the reader will soon become gripped by the reality of life – and death!, on board a German U Boat at time of war – although there is much more to it than just that.


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