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Positive Christianity in the Third Reich


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This book refutes the claim that the Third Reich was anti-Christian. Translated from the Third Reich original.

This booklet originally published in Dresden in 1936, refutes the claim that the Third Reich was “anti-Christian” it looks at the emergence of Positive Christianity in the Third Reich, also known as the “Evangelical National Socialists” and “German Christians.” Its specific character is briefly and sympathetically set forth in the brochure by Professor Fabricius. It is safe to assume that this represents essentially the official view of Hitler and the NSDAP. All liberalism which regards religion as a private affair is rejected. Complete freedom of individual belief is granted, but religious acts and organizations are essentially concerns of the state, and hence must conform to its demands. This is not to elevate human above divine authority, because the emergence of the new German state under the leadership of Hitler represents a new creative act of God. This does not mean a new religion for Germany; the “neo-pagans” are sharply reproved. On the contrary, the National Socialists would be known as the most loyal champions of a Christian culture, embracing both the Protestant and the Roman Catholic heritages, yet subordinating all doctrinal differences to one loyalty to the “Leader.” He is not to be confused with the Christian Redeemer, or to be put in the place of Christ. But since God has accomplished something “stupendously great” in raising up Hitler as a saviour for the German people, this “Leader” is to be counted among those who especially fulfil the will of God even as did Christ. Hence the propriety of Hitler’s demanding the obedience both of the Evangelical and of the Roman Catholic churches.



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