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Our Hitler (Unser Aller Hitler)


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Printed by the Nibelungen Press in Berlin in 1940. It is a very historically important book in that it points out the absurdity of the anti-Hitler cartoons proffered by the foreign press throughout the world. It makes the comparison with what his adoring people really felt about him. Particularly humorous is the widely circulated picture of a grotesque child that resembles a bulldog grimacing in hideous fashion. Across from this ridiculous yellow-rag offering is the genuine picture of baby Hitler. There are pictures of Hitler as a torturer of women to include banning smoking for the distaff side, plus no jazz-band dancing, hideous make-up, etc., and then the photo of the Führer with a beautiful, elegant lady in Berlin. There is a picture of the sombre murderer of his own people with a potpourri of bloody genocide all about. The other side shows the Führer with adoring multitudes all straining for the touch of his hand. This booklet shows the absurdity of the propaganda used against the Fuhrer and rebutted with reality. 48 pages.


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