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Odin Riding Sleipnir



An A2 (59 x 42m)  poster depicting a Odin riding his trusty 8 legged stead Sleipnir . Printed on high quality art paper.

Also depicted are the wolves Geri and Freki attended Odin at his high throne and also at Valhalla

While one of the wolves slept, the other was awake and watched; therefore, it was impossible to surprise their master and the most powerful of the Aesir. Geri (Greedy)  and Freki (Ravenous) were the god’s personal guardians. Additionally we see Odin’s other two  companions  the ravens Hugginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory) These two amazing magic birds travel long distances across the universe every morning and gather all important events, news and even gossip. Then they return at supper to report all that they had seen and heard.



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