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MY AFFIRMATION – Julius Streicher’s Political Testament


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The Political Testament of Julius Streicher, written in 1945 whilst a prisoner of the Allies and smuggled out of the prison. He presents his first encounters with both Jewry and Adolf Hitler as well as the evolution of his political views and activism, including a defence of the Nuremberg Laws based in part on the Old Testament and Zionism.


The stupidity, maliciousness and cowardice of certain contemporaries had believed that they could, and had to, degrade and misinterpret, according to content and form, my twenty-five year enlightenment work, which I have performed in word and text. Most of these critics have not formed their judgment through their own knowledge, rather through an obliging babbling of the opinion of another. These notes, in the most difficult time of the German folk, are dedicated for reflection to these questionable contemporaries and judges and all those who want to know it.

Mondorf in Luxemburg, House of the Internees

Summer 1945

Julius Streicher


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