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John Amery in his own words. Selections from the speeches and writings that cost a man his life


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This has become a highly sought after book after the usual suspects found it had published.

Banned by Amazon in both the U.K. and U.S.A. it can be viewed as “Unavailable” showing a price of $902.81 for a new copy!!!

So what is in the book ?

This is print of of the seven talks given over German radio in National Socialist Germany during the months of November and December 1942.

The broadcasts were being blocked by the BBC who did not want the British people to hear the truth.

Also included is a synopsis of his book “England and Europe” and finally a reprint of John Amery’s proclamation to join the fight for National Socialism and show the world that “Free Englishmen: NEVER, NEVER will be the slaves of a Jewish plutocratic tyranny, that we are worthy descendents of the yeoman stock that dictated the Magna Carta


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