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Irminsul and Mobile Swastika Whisky barrel lid.





This magnificent piece has the mobile Swastika, Sonnenrad) in the background with the ancient Aryan Irminsul symbol in the foreground.

The Irminsul as a symbol conveys a legacy of hope, improvement, wisdom, knowledge and memory. It is a symbol to remind us of our most beloved ancestors and a history of subversion. Additionally, the Irminsul helps us to remember our condition of war against our adversaries and our battle to enhance our people and our individual selves in the face of outside forces focused on decimating, downsizing and defiling our sacred spirits and fundamental holy natures. The Irminsul as a symbol lives on in us. Different folkish Asatru gatherings have received inspiration for their names through variations of Irminsul around the world, in all Germanic countries, a resistant symbol of our defiant and extraordinary religious heritage as Germanic folk, from Angles and Saxons to Geats and Goths, all children of the proud Aryan race.

This will look wonderful on any wall in your home, but perhaps will bring more reverence to your shrine room at home.

This is a true collectors piece made from a genuine antique solid oak whisky barrel lid.

Each piece is unique, both because of it being hand crafted and the natural texture and colour of the wood.

Each piece is sanded smooth by hand in preparation for its design etching by a state of the art laser.

The final stage is treat the wood with a hand applied gloss varnish which helps protect the wood and brings out the natural tones of the wood.

Weighing in at 5Kg with a diameter of 57cm this is a substantial collectable for any serious collector of our ancestral heritage.

It takes a large number of man hours to create these truly collectable pieces of art and this is reflected in the price being charged. These are never going to be mass produced and will only ever be available in limited quantities.



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