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May 10th marks the 75th Anniversary of the peace flight by Rudolf Hess to end the senseless “Brothers War” between Germany and Great Britain.
He came as an emissary of Peace, yet was to be jailed for the rest of his life by the vengeful Allies (ALL Lies as some have called them).
From 1966 till his murder in 1987 he was held in solitary confinement, the only prisoner of Spandau prison.

To honour his memory we have reduced the price of the Rudolf Hess slate and mug on our website. Both carry his defient message to the
sham Judges of Nuremberg. “I am happy to know that I have done my duty, to my people, my duty as a German, as a National Socialist, as a
loyal follower of my Führer. I  regret nothing. ”

Available in English or German language.

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75th Anniversary

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