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Germanic Volunteers of the Waffen-SS


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Translated from the SS original. This collection of true war stories from the eastern front was published by the SS as a tribute to the Waffen-SS volunteers, especially the non-Germans from other Germanic lands.

You ask me why I went. Why I put on the grey uniform from my own free will and without order started the march of which both of us, you and I, do not know how it will end and whether the day will come when we will meet again.

What can it be, you ask further, that tears me from your arms and puts me on a path that leads away from you? You had the belief that only you had influence on my days and now you are disappointed. You see that something else is greater and stronger, and causes me to trade my life in tender security for one of constant danger and a totally unknown future.

You have overlooked one thing: that I am a man – and a German!

Didn’t you feel during the past few months how I suffered, how everything in me fevered to participate in our folk’s great sacrifice? Didn’t you feel that I felt inferior as long as I was not allowed to bear a weapon? That I feared to be an outcast who is not worthy to fight the Führer’s battle?

Five times I requested and for the first time even begged: Accept me! And when the messenger handed me the order to report, the hand accepting it trembled.

Forgive me, but that was and is and remains the hour of my greatest joy! I made it! I am a soldier!

Never before had an experience moved me so deeply!

The hard days of training came. It was a test. I passed it.



Softcover. 48pp. A dozen original illustrations.


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