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Translated from the Third Reich original Europäische Front: Soldaten bauen Europe by Walther Tröge. The theme is that the soldierly idealism and the Greater Europe idea are the driving force behind both the Waffen-SS volunteers from throughout Europe as well as German’s Axis allies, many of which were led by military men. Hence there are sections on not only Germany, but also on Italy, Romania, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and even France. The role of various European nations in the defence of Europe against non-European invaders throughout history is emphasised as well as England’s negative influence, namely its policy of encouraging European disunity and playing the European powers against each other while it built its own overseas empire – largely through theft! Furthermore, the German Reich idea is contrasted to that of the British Empire. The Greater German Reich in Europe’s heart is to be the natural leader, but not the exploitative master, of the emerging European New Order.


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