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The Poisonous Mushroom







THE most controversial book ever printed.

Banned in many countries and even ownership is illegal in some countries.

Printed in FULL COLOUR as a  HARDBACK English language title,  this is a limited edition sold for ACADEMIC purposes only to help gain insight into the politics of the period.

This infamous anti-Semitic childrens book by Ernst Heimer was published in 1938 by Julius Streicher’s Nuremberg publishing house “Der Sturmer”. In addition to text written in the style of National Socialist propaganda, it contains anti-Semitic drawings by Philipp Rupprecht.

The book was intended to educate children in the spirit of National Socialist propaganda and was a kind of harbinger of things to come. It took up common prejudices and anti-Semitic resentments based on the racial teachings of the time. Te book was primarily aimed at young readers and gave them tips on how to recognise a Jew, for example by his smll, which the book describes as “disgusting” and “sweetish”.

The book reached a circulation of 60,000 and was occasionally used as a schoolbook. Original copies are now very hard to come by and when they do appear for sale fetch prices as high as £1800-2500.

Highly praised by the Party leadership it is today considered a prime example of anti-Semitic agitation, aimed primarily at children and young readers. Nevertheless because of its blatant and unbelievably exaggerated anti-Semitism, even parts of the SS and SD did not describe the book positively, but even going as far as to describe it as “dangerous for young people”.

THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION DELUXE PRINT RUN in hardback with gloss art paper throughout which is aimed at those students of history who want to see for themselves the content of such titles rather than rely on the comments of others.



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