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The Mongrel


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By Julius Streicher. Translated from the rare and much sought after Third Reich original.

Evening comes. Slowly, the sun sets in the west. The farmstead becomes quiet. Only the bees are still industrious. They fly from flower to flower and gather sweet honey and yellow pollen.

Api, the little work bee, has just returned. Quickly, she crawls through the flying hole into the bee crate. Then she fills the honeycombs with all the honey she had laboriously collected.

Next to her crawls her work comrade Melli. She is usually a happy little animal and laughs all day. But today she is in a bad mood. Furious, she stares up with big eyes at the honeycombs in the supper corner. Many bees sit there who are much bigger and much thicker than Api and Melli. And these bees do not work at all. They can only do one thing: eat, eat and eat!

Tears come to Melli’s eyes.

“For eight weeks I’ve worked hard from early morning until night. Almost all alone I filled two honeycombs with honey so that we will have something for winter, too. And now those fat fellows come and eat up everything again!”

Little Api has attentively listened to her friend.

“You probably mean the drones up there?” Oh, they’re totally harmless little animals! And they really do look comical! They are so fat and clumsy. I always have to laugh when I see drones. They are really funny!”

“Melli gets furious.

“Funny? Funny? Such nonsense! Don’t you know the threat the drones pose for our whole bee folk?”



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