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The Jewish Question in the Classroom


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This extremely hard to find book written by Fritz Fink who was in a highly positioned official  in the  German school system (Stadtschulrat). The book was published 1937 by the Stürmer Publishing House in Nuremberg and was intended for school teachers. The goal was to urge them to incorporate as much anti-Semitism into the regular curriculum as possible. The introduction is written by Julius Streicher. He writes that the National Socialist Germany expects that the racial question is taught in German classrooms but, in order to teach it right, the teacher has to become an expert in this subject himself first. And that is the intention of this book: to teach German teachers about the racial question so that they then can lecture about the Jewish question in the classroom! This publication was of course regarded as extremely dangerous material after the Third Reich had ended that the Allies and the post-war German government destroyed every copy they could find!


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