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Includes the English translation to the famous
“Flieg, Deutsche Fahne, Flieg!” on the inside front cover!

Listeners unfamiliar with the Third Reich’s elite forces and their original music are in for something of a shock in SS Schwerpunk. It’s third track is an excerpt from a gigantic mass-rally in Belgium of that country’s SS volunteers fresh from the Eastern Front in mid-1944. Though by that time the war had obviously turned against Germany, throngs of Belgians turned out to cheer Flemish SS General Leon Degrelle and his men, as documented in this “live” recording.

That same enthusiasm may be heard in the soundtrack of a period newsreel from Oslo describing Norwegian recruits in the Waffen-SS. A particularly interesting track features another “live” feature in Norway’s capital of the German national anthem (Das Deutschlandlied), the National Socialist anthem (the Horst Wessel March), and SS anthem (Wenn alle untreu werden), all performed by Norwegian SS men.

The Blue Division comprised Spanish Civil War veterans who sang the anthem recorded here during their siege at Leningrad. Other, kindred selections include the French March of the 33rd SS “Charlemagne” Division (including radio coverage of Paris recruits), the Hungarian Hoved march, and, of course, Italy’s Fascist anthem, La Giovenezza, sung here by the incomparable Benjamino Gighli. His version of this famous song is unquestionably the best ever recorded, if only because he throws himself heart and soul into the music, taking his listeners along with him.

These foreign contributions slightly outnumber exceptionally spirited renditions of German music, most notably, the famous Marsch der Leibstandarte , the Fűhrer’s Bodyguard; the armoured divisions’ Panzerwaganlied; and a golden oldie from Reichswehr days composed in honour of the last Weimar president, the Hindenburg March. Outstanding, too, is a rare piece, Treue um Treue (“Loyalty for Loyalty”), played flawlessly and powerfully by a huge SS brass band.

Seldom has such a rich variety of imperishable sound been packed into a single compact disk both the music lover and history student will return to again and again.


  1. Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles Choral 3:22
  2. Horst Wessel Lied Choral 2:17
  3. 1944 SS General Leon Degrelle & Rexist Hym Choral-Belgium 1:45
  4. Vlaamserex Lied Choral-Belgium 2:17
  5. Marsch der Leibstandarte 2:49
  6. Vi kjemper Choral-Norway 0:49
  7. Kamerat Vi Marsjerer Choral-Norway 2:57
  8. Treue um Treue 2:52
  9. Canto a la Division Azul Choral-Spain 1:35
  10. Panzerwagenlied 2:29
  11. Lied der estnischen Legion Choral-Estonia 3:06
  12. Hindenburg Marsch 2:51
  13. Mustapaitojen Choral-Finland 2:52
  14. Marsch der 33rd SS Div Charlemagne France 3:06
  15. Soldatenlied der Honved Choral-Hungary 1:32
  16. Viktoria Marsch 2:34
  17. Giovenezza Choral-Italy 3:12
  18. Deutschlandied, Horst Wessel, Wenn alle untreu Norway 3:48
  19. Radio Paris SS volunteers of Charlemagne Div Choral-France 1:31
  20. Flamme empor! Choral 3:10
  21. Hort ihr es grollen Choral 2:33
  22. Flieg, deutsche Fahne, flieg Choral 3:22
  23. Volk ans Gewehr Choral 3:10
  24. Von Finland bis zum Shwerben Meer Choral 3:09
  25. Heil Hitler Dir! Choral 3:03
  26. Wenn alle untreu warden Choral 2:34



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