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SS Culture – Volume Three: SS Faith


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Translated from original SS publications. The articles are about SS “religiosity”. They are arranged in the chronological order of the SS magazine issues where they appeared, ranging from volume four in 1938 to volume ten in 1944. The original illustrations are also included.

We are Germans. As Germans we also want to step before our God. We want to step before him upright as that, which we are, as soldiers.

Soldiers know their law. They have sworn to a leader and a flag. They await the call, they heed the order, they obey it.

Who has sworn to a leader, no longer doubts. He was gained a firm faith.

This faith gives him his security, his proud straightness, his silent readiness. Who is always so on the march to a great goal, who is so ready, to risk his life as well, has already won eternity in the earthly. When he then steps before his God, before the God of his folk, he will not ask him for what men can give and present him, he will not ask for what he is always ready to risk in this great struggle; God is not a trader, God is not a kind old man who is smilingly inclined to childish wishes.


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