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This has to be the most-sought-after items of the Third Reich, and we know that they are rare in that they were bestowed upon carefully and specially selected members of the SS according to very specific criteria. The item that was considered the most treasured item an SS man could win was “der Ehrenring.” It was treasured even beyond the SS honor sword and chained officer dagger. Around the body of the ring are the classic Armanen runes. On the top is the skull (Totenkopf) that was a “reminder at all times to be willing to risk the life of ourselves for the life of the whole.” Then comes the sig rune (Siegrune-symbol of victory) followed by the Hagel rune (symbol of “unshakeable faith” in Nazi philosophy), the Hakenkreuz (swastika), and the double rune employing the SS runes and proficiency arrow known as the Heilszeichen (sign of salvation). One of the things that made these rings so extremely rare was that when any SS member retired or died the ring had to be returned and stored in a chest in the SS Wewelsburg Order castle. This was meant to be a memorial to symbolize the ongoing membership of even the deceased in the order of the SS. Himmler ordered that further manufacture and awards of the ring were to be halted in 1944. He then ordered that all the remaining rings—around 12,000 of them—be blast-sealed inside a hill near Wewelsburg.

This carefully crafted reproduction is one of the best copies we have seen many years and we have managed to secure a limited number of these. This is dedicated to Karl Wolff Himmler’ personal assistant.

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