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Look to Germany – Heart of Europe

Originally written by Stanley McClatchie and published by Verlag Heinrich Hoffmann in Berlin in 1937. This facsimile edition of the book contains well over 300 full-page and half-page photographs and several two-page spreads.

McClatchie, a member of a wealthy and well-known southern California family, lived for some years in Germany prior to the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi) ascent to power after victory in the Reichstag elections of January 1933. Returning to Germany, he was greatly impressed by the consolidation of political power that Hitler had engineered, but he was also impressed by the industrial, technical and social revolution that had taken place under the Nazis which had altered every aspect of the land and people he thought he knew.By all measures the first four years of National Socialist government in Germany had been an overwhelming success. It was difficult for Nazis (and even ordinary Germans) to avoid boasting about their recovery from military defeat in World War I. The recovery from economic depression in Allied countries like Britain and France – even in America – lagged far behind the German rate of recovery. In spite of the success of the National Socialists who were so popular at home, others could find little good to write or say about them or Germany. This book was McClatchie’s attempt to present the world with a different, more balanced view of Germany. The effects of various boycotts and embargoes on the National Socialist German economy convinced Hitler to redouble scientific research efforts in the hope of making Germany substantially less dependent on foreign imports and foreign export markets. That research yielded astonishing results in areas like synthetic gasoline and rubber from coal, television, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, etc. McClatchie was amazed by these advances and wrote LOOK TO GERMANY – The Heart of Europe in an effort to bring them to the attention of the world. In the book he was boastful about all that was good in Germany and he openly supported the anti-Jewish and anti-homosexual laws the Nazis enactedm or Germany. This book was McClatchie’s attempt to present the world with a different, more complimentary view of Germany. This is a great book full of long forgotten facts that the establishment would prefer stays forgotten.


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