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David Irving Medallion 50th Anniversary of Real History


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Produced to commemorate the 50th Golden Anniversary of Real history in 2018 a limited edition medallion of only 100 pieces were minted. These die struck medallions are plated in 24 kt gold and are presented in a red leatherette presentation box which is boldly emblazoned with a gold leaf “F “ Focal point logo enclosed in a circle.

Only available for a short period in 2018 these medallions were issued to thank-supporters who donated £500 or more to help ensure that the revisionist cause continues for the next 50 years.

The front has an official colour portrait photograph of world famous historian and author David Irving holding up a pen. This image has been printed directly onto the coin using a special patented process and then is coated with a protective vinyl layer.   Surrounding the portrait is the text “CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF REAL HISTORY   1968-2018”.   The reverse bears the inscription “YOU HAVE HELPED MY FIFTY YEAR FIGHT FOR THIS NOBLE TRIUMPH OF TRUTH AND REAL HISTORY. IT WILL LIGHT THE WAY FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS AND REPLACE THE WELL INTENTIONED WARTIME LIES AND PROPAGANDA


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