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Basic Ideas of National Socialist Cultural Policy


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Translated from the Third Reich original Grundgedanken nationalsozialistischer Kulturpolitik by Munich university professor Wolfgang Schulz, which was published by the central publishing house of the NSDAP (Franz Eher Verlag) in 1939 after the author‘s death. The objective of this policy was a culture that remained true to folk and race and hence promoted the spiritual and biological health and integrity of both.


The false doctrine that all human beings are the equal still haunts heads and resists the fundamental truth of the inequality of human beings according to their appearance, their genes and their accomplishments. The valuation of human beings that results from this is portrayed as arrogance of the more valuable, yes, as injustice.

One scorns our desire as racial arrogance, without noting that we do not judge the individual according to race, rather according to accomplishment. But in regard to the folk whole, we are concerned about the race, because the Nordic race alone has over the course world history passed a performance test that is so mighty that it obligates us to also employ this race for the new, even far greater accomplishments that matter now…

…Or one says: Culture must grow, one cannot manufacture it artificially. Just what previously proliferated among us were the weeds, and we want to exterminate them so that the beautiful and noble plants, which up until now often withered or even died, can better thrive.


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