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Reunification of Danzig Speech Reichstag – September 1, 1939

with English Voice Over

This is one of the most exciting speeches of WWII. Adolf Hitler declares to the world why Germany was fully justified in counterattacking Poland and coming to the rescue of the defenceless German civilians who were suffering horribly under Polish rule. He then stunned the world by announcing the greatest diplomatic coup of all time! England, France and Poland thought that they had Germany encircled until Hitler announced the Russo-German Non-Aggression pact. Suddenly the tables were turned and Poland was surrounded. Strangely while England guaranteed Poland’s safety and declared war with France on Germany on September 3, they forgot to when Stalin invaded Poland on September 17. Polish leaders were convinced that their million man army would be in Berlin in a month. However, Hitler again stunned the world as his panzers and Stukas launched their Blitzkrieg and revolutionized warfare for all time. It was he who stood triumphantly in Warsaw by the end of the month.


  1. Hitler’s speech with live English voice over
  2. English recap of the speech
  3. Panzerwagen Lied (instrumental)
  4. Stuka Lied (choral)
  5. Ade Poland (choral)


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